Why Are Business Cards So Important.. And What Information Should They Contain

Why Are Business Cards So Important.. And What Information Should They Say?

One of the biggest mistakes that talent makes when attending an event is showing up without business cards. Events are great places to network network network. Two instances when business cards are important are :

  1. You could meet a great person of influence, and when you say goodbye.. YOU want THEM to remember YOU! A good way to think of business cards is kind of like a calling card. In only a few square inches you must sell yourself. You meet them in person, but you don't want them to forget you.. remember these influential people meet new people and talent every day!

  2. You are at a red carpet and your publicist is busy.. YOU take the initiative to give the photographer your business card. This way they have your contact, the correct way to spell your name and has your social media handles. It also gets the photographers to remember you, which is a good thing. Once again.. in this business it's all about who you know and building good business relationships.

What should be on your business card??

-A high resolution picture/headshot

-Your name in bold.. and your occupation

-Your twitter, Instagram and Facebook handles

-A current email address

-A current website (if you have one)

-Phone Number is optional (if you have a phone number.. be aware that EVERYONE you give your card to has your personal number.)

What should not be on your business card?

-A blurry, busy or low resolution photo

-Tiny print that nobody can read

-Too many pictures or designs

-Your Personal Address

Business cards are an investment that everyone should have. I recommend changing them every time you change your headshot, or when your personal information changes (typically every six months). You do not have to spend a lot of money on business cards, you just want them to look nice.. representing you in a professional way. A great place to get affordable business cards is:www.vistaprint.com !

-Hayley (Key Elements PR)

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