How Having a Website Can Benefit Your Career.. PART I

How Having a Website Can Benefit Your Career.. PART I

Many of you may think to yourself.. How important is it to have a website?? Do I really need to spend the money to hire a web designer? Will having a website benefit my career? In a nutshell.. your answer is YES! First off, having a website makes you look professional, secondly.. A website is a beneficial platform with your current information that YOU are releasing to the world.

A website can help you to look professional because it is a place where you can send someone to find ALL your information (IMDB, Resume, Blog, Press, Reel, bio, pictures etc). This saves time for a potential person interested in working for you. Instead of them spending hours combing through google searching your name, it is a one stop shop for everything YOU. In this day in age.. nobody has time to do an extensive google search for information on you. Emailing someone attachments, links and articles on you can tend to look cluttered and overwhelm someone.

Another benefit of directing someone to your personal website is that they can see what YOU want to put out to the world. Your website gives them an insight not into just your work, but you as a person. By the photos you place, the blog you may have and the things you are doing outside of work (charity, activities, hobbies). For instance, if you play an instrument.. They might find that out on a website, but not on google! Finding these key details could end up booking you the job!

If you google your name, what comes up? I'm guessing Getty images, articles on you etc.. But you don't control any of those. Wouldn't you want a resource on yourself that you completely control? With your website YOU are creating an official source for yourself. A website should never sugar coat anything and should always tell the truth (but in a positive light). Your website is not only an educational resource of everything you, but is also essentially the best sales pitch you have for your career!

If you are curious where to put your website, a link to it should be on every social media platform and every business card you hand out. If you are at an event and meet a producer, designer or brand.. and they have interest in working with you.. by handing them your business card WITH your website, you are saying "I am serious about working with you. Here is everything you need to know about me." By having your website won your social media you are directing current and future fans to more information in yourself. Another benefit is that of a brand finds you on social media and wants to sponsor you.. they can go directly to your website for more information.

Should you pay for a website or not??

A website should look professional, especially because it is representing YOU. The choice is up to you. There are three ways to get a website:

  1. By hiring a professional web designer, you will be paying more, yet getting a perfect state of the art website with multiple features. If you want something too if the line.. I recommend spending the money.

  2. By hiring a friend who knows how to do a simple yet professional website that is clean.. you are saving yourself the money of an expensive designer and the time it would take for you to build a simple site yourself. Make sure to see examples of their work first, and if it looks good go for it!

  3. By going to or you can create a simple and clean website. It may take a while playing around to figure it out but there are YouTube tutorials and these sites are not overly difficult. You must buy your domain name at first!

So as you can see.. websites are very beneficial for your career. Everything is about your image and having a website that clearly depicts that can be a useful guide to everything you. Before you buy or build a website, I recommend you do your research.

Xoxo, Hayley (Key Elements PR)

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