How a Website Can Benefit Your Career: Part II

If you read last week's post on the reasons that a website can help be a resource and showcase your professionalism.. You are now ready to find out what should go on your website!

Depending on your career or use of website, the materials on personal websites will vary just slightly. Every website should have these key things:

  1. Bio -a bio should be a summary of your accomplishments and career.

  2. Resume -Depending on what you do, a good website will list your work as a reference to experience you have.

  3. Photos -A gallery of current up to date photos is a great thing to have on a website. This identifies what you look like right now.

  4. Contact - A website should always have contact information. You can add a personal email, but if you are signed by a manager, agency or company you can put the appropriate contact for them as well.

  5. Press -A website should have direct links to any articles or interviews directly about you.

The following professions should have the following materials on their website:

-Actor: Actors Reel

-Model: Portfolio

-Dancer: Dancers Reel

-Musician: Link to music

-Blogger: Blog

Websites can also have more personal information including hobbies, skills, and even vlogs (video blogs). A website should be fun to design, so try to do your best at enjoying it! Make sure to show it to friends prior to publishing it. Feedback is always great!

Contacts for web designers:

1) Example site

2) Example site -

Xoxo, -Hayley (Key Elements PR)

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